Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sweet as Sugar

When shopping for polish and viewing various nail polish blogs I've noticed a trend recently. More and more polish companies are releasing textured polishes. Like the Julie G frosted gum drops collection these polishes have a totally different feel to them compared to the ultra shiny smooth feel of regular polish. I recently picked up Sally Hansen's Sugar Coat polish and fell in love. These polishes have a matte finish and have a super fast drying time with a sugary texture.

The sugar coat collection is made up of eight polishes, I ended up purchasing half of the collection. I did swatches of the four colors I purchased. I wanted to get a close up of the swatches to show the texture. The texture is almost like stucco but not at all scratchy. 
Sweetie is a buttery yellow

Sour Apple is a minty green
Cotton Candies is a hot pink
Lick-O-Rich is a deep black
I purchased these at Rite Aid for about $5.99 each. I believe you can also find them at Target, you can check online to see if your local Target carries them. I absolutely adore these Sugar Coats. I will be purchasing the rest of the collection soon. I do say that Sally Hansen Sugar Coats get a pretty polished thumbs up from me.

Sugar Coat in Sour Apple Accent nail Jesse's Girl High Intensity polish in Carolina Beach
What do you think? Have you tried Sugar Coats? Or do you have a textured polish you are loving? Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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