Thursday, June 6, 2013

Food for cuticles

I wanted to share this awesome product I found Orly Cuticle Therapy Creme. I found this at Sally's Beauty Supply of course.

I purchased this 2oz jar for $5.99 which was a deal since it retails for over $8 regularly. There is a lot of product in the jar and a little does go a long way. It is a very thick crème with a velvety smooth consistency.

I fell in love after the first application. It has great moisturizing power with out leaving a greasy feeling at all. I typically use pure acetone to remove my polish and clean up my cuticles. The upside is it works really quickly, the downside is it dries my cuticles out. Below is my before picture showing my dry cuticles. Not a good look.


I then applied a small amount of the Orly cuticle therapy crème and rubbed in. You can see the difference immediately.

The only downside to the product is the "mature" smell. It smells like something that you may find on your grandma's nightstand. It is not an overwhelming smell and after a couple of uses you'll hardly notice it. I give Orly Cuticle Therapy Crème a pretty polished thumbs up. Give it a try when you get a chance.

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